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Design that resonates with you & the environment. 

Concepts that resonate with sound thinking.

Form that resonates with function.

Harmonic Design Studio has finally come to fruition. The studio has emerged after many years of practising architecture within a range of offices, large and small. With 15 years of vital skills and experiences this flight is now boarding.

Studio Ethos:

We believe Ecologically Sustainable Design cannot be divorced from great architecture and we are determined to ensure that when crafted, our buildings, landscapes & even villages will be intrinsically sustainable, wearing their presence gracefully into the future. Longevity of purpose being one pillar of sustainability.

At Harmonic we design buildings which aspire foremost to be sculptural and functional. This may be as simple as reflecting the urban fabric, as shelter in vernacular form, or it may be a bolder abstracted architectural expression - either way you can be assured that Harmonic Design considers deeply the choices of materials & methods, volume & proportion, colours, outlook, ergonomics and comfort that will ultimately be realised within your project. We even consider structural integrity and simplicity in order that each uniquely constructed outcome is articulated efficiently and effectively. Eg. minimising steel in lieu of timber may be desirable to reduce your building’s cost and your carbon footprint.

We are listening out for your next project:

Harmonic is now providing design and construction documentation services for any project you may have, big or small. We are based in the Fleurieu Peninsular. Our Studio’s founder is also a Registered Building Practitioner within the state of Victoria. Unlike SA, Victoria’s legislation requires practitioners to demonstrate a minimum standard of experience & skill which in turn tends to raise the bar for building designers and as such, Registered Building Practitioners in Victoria are similarly disposed to Registered Architects in terms of delivering design + construction services. Clients of Harmonic in SA will also enjoy these highly professional and ethical design services.

Professionally connected:

It is our intent that buildings should be realised by those who are similarly motivated with a passion for the built & natural environment. We aim to collaborate with builders since our efforts combine to produce the ultimate outcomes.

Harmonic has great respect for the sweat, energy & precision of each and every trade which contributes to realise our shared aspirations.


Email: enquire@harmonicdesign.studio
Phone: +61 425 731 537
Normanville, 5204, SA.

Fleurieu Peninsula